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Forget your tenure in this industry, it's meaningless to these people. Especially when it comes to salaries.

I have 29 years experience as a Maintenance Tech and they offered me $26,880 a year. I was referred by a friend. I took the job in hopes they'd see my worth. I got "promoted" to a new aquisition and got to work for Assistant Maintenance pay along side a nutbag that was clueless...unqualified to be a manager.

She got a hold of my phone one day and forwarded my calls to a total stranger and would constantly complain about her husband.

Very unprofessional. 3 regionals in 4 months time Unstable at best.

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Wow 29 years experinence as a maintenance tech, how is it you never moved up to the head guy? I bet your resume reads like a Steven King book, nobody likes or wants to work with a job hopper. I'm with you though on some of the managers, but over all the apartment world is full of drama, I'm sure you play a good role as a drama queen, good luck on job number 50.

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