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im actually leasing an one bedroom apartment at the Hudson of westchase. I have several problems.

For starters when my apartment wasn't ready that first day when I drove almost seven hours from MS to get here I should of left then! This is my first apartment so it's new to me. Well let me get down to it. When I first came here Nov.

11th I viewed the demo it was nice I loved it. They were running a 299 move in special well I asked her will they be running it in two weeks because I wanted to make sure I was picking the right apartment she stated yes! I left the apartments and viewed way nicer apartments but no one had a better move in deal than the Hudson! So I was like Hey , you're relocating this your first apartment start somewhere small and affordable!

I was amazed at the demo even recorded a video and just kept replaying because the set up was just that nice. Well I called and called over and over finally got someone to pick up which was Joeey he took my information and then she gave me a call back. I told her I did everything online. She told me she had all my information ready for me to move in...

I called a week later everything was fine. I just had to email in one more pay stub ... Well I got half way here on 26th , I stopped to get gas as I was pumping I called twice to make sure everything was still set she answers to tell me she didn't know anything about me moving in and she didn't remember that I was moving in on the 26th , the apartment she has for me isn't ready but come on in anyway she will find me one that's ready! I was very disappointed but I came hoping I didn't drive all this way for nothing because I started my new job on the 28th.

Well I got to the apartments not only for her to tell me I won't be getting the apartment she promised to find ready for me none were available but they wasn't offering the move in deal anymore. I had done paid everything online which was nonrefundable. I could of cried! Well I left there because nothing was getting done about it.

I stayed in a hotel from Saturday until Wednesday do you think that was acknowledged period what's so ever. *** no! She promised me once again that she would have me an apartment on Monday came still no apartment, Tuesday came no apartment but I talked to the manager and she forwarded me all the leasing papers to sign and I brought in my money order that's gonna come up later in the story! The next day I was at work Ashley told me Joey was going to assist me with the rest meaning he would be giving me the key!

I went on my lunch break rushing there to get the key so i wouldn't have to stay in the hotel again because I got off after they closed. Well Joey gave me the key and I think I signed one more paper. Showed him my lights , renter insurance and I got my first apartment key ; awesome! I'm thinking the nightmare was over but it only gets worse he shows me the apartment and where it was located!

I walked through it rushing because mind you I'm on lunch! So when I finally get home, I remember him saying please go through this apartment very careful this is your first apartment I don't want you getting charged for something you didn't do! Well the first thing I noticed dead roaches everywhere! I was livid!

I was so mad because of dead roaches on the floor the apartment is clearly not ready! I shouldn't even seen that! Well I sweep them up , I bleached and wipe everything down really good! I unloaded my car with all my clothes in it and went furniture shopping to come home to a roach party!

Live Roaches were everywhere! I couldn't believe it !!! I went straight to the front office first thing the next morning to tell them what was going on! Ashley told me she would have someone out to come spray.

He came once in those four weeks she said he was suppose to come never seen him again! Roaches all in the kitchen who wants to cook in that! Roaches watching you shower! Can't even have company over and roaches wanna come out and play!

That is nasty and unsanitary. This have been the roughest ride ! It's so easy to get in a lease but so hard to get out! I got this apartment base off that demo , the special and I was wrong!

Well this what really made me never will advised anybody to stay here. I lost my bank card last month when rent was due! Well I knew my bank information so I went to app to pay my rent to see nothing was updated on the app and had it saying that I had owed the money order that I gave them when I first got my apartment for my first month rent! I went to the office and Joey was in there!

He told me to come back on Monday and talk to the manager.. I talked to her she was understanding but she wasn't! She was beating on the fact that it stated that I didn't pay rent as I told her I wasn't going to pay anything twice that I have already paid! She was telling me she could slit the payments if I didn't find the receipt..

mind you this is my first apartment the end piece off the money order was important but it's so hard to keep up with because it's a small sheet of paper! So I went home searching high and low for it never could find it! I went back to the office , to tell her I couldn't find it well I didn't get to talk to her I got to talk to her assistant which I really didn't want to because I had done already discussed my problems with the manager .. So I discussed my problems with him and he was really rude , disrespectful and not understanding..

I told him I could pay it once my card came for January including the late fees but I wasn't paying the Dec rent bc I had paid it! He kept yelling. I don't have proof I don't have proof. I told him well how the *** I got my key from y'all if I didn't pay.

Well he told me I had so many days to come up with the money that's was final or I was going to get put out! So lucky my card came and I bought him the money order he was actually in a heated argument with another person who stayed in the apartments which I overheard very well and it was about bed bugs , roaches and rent so I see I'm not the only one with this problem! The assistant is not very understanding , rude unprofessional and racist. So I was up next and in front of another resident he tells me so you bringing me my money right?

Well I walked on in his office to give him the money order to sit down and he stated out the blue looking at his computer " I can't wait til trump gets in office y'all going to learn it's going to change here " I looked so puzzled by the face I couldn't believe it. That was the most racists thing I could ever hear out of upper management mouth! How are you be apart of a brand , property, and running someone apartment complex just stating racial comments like that! I didn't say a word I just looked at him and waiting on him to tell me how about what they was going to do about the missing payment in December.

I couldn't believe it and for him to say something like that when he's not even black or white! He's Mexican he must haven't heard! Hellllllooooo, he's trying to build a wall so him and his family can't even be here so how about that! This is my first apartment experience and once again it's been *** !!!!

I finally got tired of holding everything in and called my grandma to let her know what's been going on! She was even more devastated than I was! She told me I needed to google , research whatever I needed to do to find someone who's over this apartment complex. So that's what I did!

She even told me to start reading the reviews about these apartments, I've read and read those ratings and reviews I promise you I wouldn't of never moved here after reading The reviews ppl have been robbed out here , cars have been broken into , & 75% said something about pest! These are not suitable to anyone to call a home of all that as went on! I wasn't gonna add an review on here bc I said I didn't want everyone in my business nor to feel sorry for me , I just wanted to express my feelings and story to someone in upper management so I could get out these apartments! I've contact corporate on this matter and no one has gotten back with me yet!

I'm so going to post this on every site so everyone can know what I been through. I am a verified resident. I'll do whatever it takes if I have to! I really wanna see a lawyer on the racist comments!

The updates on this apartment is about the only thing I've enjoyed for this price other than that everything else is trash! I'm stuck in a lease where I hate pulling up to my own so call home. I have packed all my stuff up and moved it in a storage because they are just that nasty! These apartments could be so much better.

I've even had to go out and get my own cable because the quote on quote cable that's free that's suppose to come with the apartment actually you get charged 25$ a month for 9 channels.

I have U-verse and I still get charged for cable! I wish I could say I had a good experience but that would be a lie.

Product or Service Mentioned: Trinity Property Consultants Apartment Rental.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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