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Hands down, the worst living situation we have ever been in- and we have been in pretty awful living situations, having been young, poor, and in student debt. I have never dealt with a corporation that suffered from so much cognitive dissonance from what they say they value (community), and what they actually value (money). Trinity is like the BP Oil of commercial property owners. When our building go bought out by Trinity in the middle our lease, we really tried to give them a chance, but I can’t even make up the events I am about to describe. The reviews below me (when not hidden by the fake, positive, reviews written by Trinity) don’t even capture all of it.

What ensued when Trinity bought the building out in Oct. 2012, was nonstop, continuous construction for over a year. Everything from rebuilding the roof, rebuilding balconies, repaving the parking lot (twice), painting interior, exterior, and rebuilding everything you can think of, etc. With that came noise and hammering that went on 10+ hours a day sometimes for weeks on end, no parking lot, sometimes our water being shut off for days for 10hrs a day, etc. They even worked on SATURDAYS so there was no escaping it. I saved up over countless construction notices, notwithstanding the unit turnovers that happened directly above us, below, across, and next to us (which didn’t come with notices). They also took over our parking lot with a permanent storage unit.

I went through 3 semesters of finals in a ROW, literally not being able to use my apartment to work. TDuring the semesters, I would have to avoid going home after class. In addition to the noise, it was absolutely anxiety provoking having construction workers walk in and out by your window and door on a daily basis, banging around, talking loudly, setting off the dog, etc. Just when you think they were finally finished (because what could they possibly have left to do), they come up with something else. I watched nearly my entire wing and other classmates move out- I probably witnessed 7-8 move outs in a span of months, all people who were also ignored and pushed out due to noise. On top of noise, we also had a mold problem due to the fact that we couldn’t be at home to run the heaters, for the majority of the days, and rainwater would just collect under our windowsill.

In the midst of all this, Trinity raised everyone’s rent. They raised the cost of water, the cost of laundry, and instilled pet rent and insurance obligations as well. They doubled the fine of a late-fee to $100 instead of $50, and nearly doubled the lease-break fee.

They would mouth empty promises like “talk to us about your concerns.” “Resident satisfaction is really our priority.” But that is a LIE. We did try to talk to them, only to receive blanket corporate policy, apathy, and empty ‘apologies’ for all the inconvenience and disruptions, and sometimes it would take WEEKS for even a response. We would write emails and requests, and get no response in return. In fact, after a 3rd semester in a row of straight construction and absolutely maxed out on patience, I even wrote two letters requesting “management” and I work out a schedule for construction, so I could actually be able to use the office that I pay increased rent for. I gave them exact dates and times I would need the place, and also attempted to make arrangements to be gone if they could let me know ahead of time when turnover above me would start. I got ZERO responses to office visits and 2 emails- and construction commenced as early as 7am to 6:30pm directly above my unit for the next 2wks. In addition, we got an additional FOUR notices to enter in the span of 2 weeks- everything from ‘greening’ lightbulbs to toilets that occurred right up to Christmas Eve.

We gave our 30day notice to terminate the leasehold, and that was the ONLY time Trinity responded. They responded with a $1507 lease break fee despite the fact that we were actually forced to move due to breach of quiet enjoyment. Because they would not do the right/legal thing, attorneys got involved and we threatened them with a lawsuit. A lawsuit we were more than prepared to bring forth, as the estimate our counsel came up with was a decrease in market value of the thousands throughout the year (I mean, what’s the point of paying premium rent, if you can’t even use your home?) For less than a third of Trinity’s lease break fee, we were able to have an attorney take care of the whole thing- just to illustrate how ridiculous Trinity’s prices are. And the countless hours preparing for litigation, time, energy, and emotional harm caused in just trying to get out of our lease, getting Trinity to ACKNOWLEDGE us, moving, and finding a new place cannot be measured in monetary value.

All we simply wanted was to get out of our lease so they could turn our unit over (thus completing the entire wing), and so we could go live in peace somewhere else. Not asking for rent abatement or back rent for all the times we paid $$ but couldn’t use the house. Just to be allowed to move. Tenants should not have to have that metaphorical gun over their head to be forced to live in a toxic situation like this.

Review about: Trinity Property Consultants Apartment Rental.

Monetary Loss: $2100.

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Black mold is very serious. It poses a serious and very real health hazard.

More so then you would think.

Report this to the city. They WILL follow up.


Check the renting laws of your state. I don't know about where you live but in my state they cannot charge a rent for pets since pets are property.

That would be like charging you extra rent if you wanted to have furniture in your home. All they can do here is charge a one-time deposit that cannot exceed one half of one month's rent total (or less depending on what the landlord wants to do).

I've just never heard of anyone having to pay rent for personal property in their own (rental) home.


I agree with the other know-it-all's comment, but it might help if they suggested a better word than succumbed. I would suggest you edit your complaint by substituting in the word "stonewalled" since this word will keep you out of legal hot water better than the (probably truer) words "trapped" or "tortured" or "assaulted" or "harassed" or "abused" would... they might sue you for libel if you tell the truth that way.

Anyway, it would help other consumers who read this to avoid this company if you would list the City and State where the property is where you had dealings with this bad company.


Me thinks you don't know what "succumbed" means....


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