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International Residence Austin, TX: The worst company that I have EVER rented from! I moved from Southern California where all the regulations are difficult, however when I moved to Austin into their apartment complex called International Residence I began to live in ***.

Don't be misled by all their advertisements or a family oriented, animal loving facility. These people like to nickle & dime you....inconvenience you in any and every possible way from parking your car in a paid spot (yes, I said a spot that I have to PAY FOR which still doesn't assure my space). Having to move your car because they need to make repairs on "CERTAIN" parts of the parking lot & they've dug the hole & put caution tape up around the hole that they dug up on REBARB standing straight up...and some didn't have a warning.

And someone did get hurt?? I have photo's to prove it.

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This apartment complex is trash should be government funded projects.


International Residence is old and a certain amount of concession is acceptable. However, the majority of Naoko5's statement is completely accurate.

The dumpsters are always full and the trash is strewn everywhere.

YES, they do eventually fix things after you call them 5 or 6 times to put in the same repair order. The management is at best inept and at worst blatantly negligent.


It is apparent that you must have some association to this facility. Because you wouldn't be defending this place.

I have more photo's to post if you'd like to see them, such as bugs that I found in my apartment and beer bottles found in my apartment when they accessed it when I wasn't there. is obvious that you do not live there!


First off what is "rebarb"? Do you possibly mean "rebar"?

The metal reinforce bars placed in concrete? Why did you walk through an area that was so obviously under construction and a hazard? Do you really think that the EXACT path you wish to walk will always be clear? No apartment complex will be magically free of ongoing repairs.

Yes, with the Texas sun beating down so constantly the parking lot will need to be repainted as the paint fades and yes, you will need to move your car when they need to do so. NO apartment is perfect! Be glad you aren't paying 2 or 3 times more for an apartment half the size! Where are you seriously going to find an apartment that is 1,700+ square feet for $850 in 2011??

I will gladly Dodge repair work on this 30 years old complex to have that much space. Plus they actually DO fix things!

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